"When it comes to crows & ravens, everyone always suspects some hidden intention."

The exhibit WATCHERS opened Friday the 13 of September at the Saint John Arts Centre with allot of family and friends.  I was so pleased by the comments and the enjoyment people felt from the show.

Thanks to everyone who came out to  the exhibit, I hope you left feeling different than when you arrived. I would like to share a comment that I received from Ingrid who purchased the two old crows. Thank you for expressing your kind thoughts and feelings.

“I fell in love with your crows the first time that I saw some of them in progress when Fred took me by your studio (we never did find you there!) in the fall of 2011. I think that they were an earlier group and no longer with you but perhaps not. I’ve no doubt that I’ll be very happy with the Old Crows and, yes, I can’t imagine separating such old friends and so would like them both. I will grant you that this is a big purchase for me but it’s not done out of kindness but out of the draw of your beautiful work and my fondness for crows (but not all crows; I don’t always like how others see crows but I like how you like them)”. 


Old Crows

Two old crows on there way home from the Raven Mart




Kathy in the garden

A crowtrait of Kathy is more how I feel Kathy would be as a crow with a few of her traits integrated into this sculpture. The painting is by Kathy Hooper.


"Watchers" at the Saint John Arts Centre

Photo by Scott Wiggins














Kathy Hooper as a crow front view


 Birds of a Feather

photo by Scott Wiggins


Inspiration from John Hooper's wood block print

The main form for the sculpture is from a wood block print of John Hooper of an old man and girl in Mexico.


Crow Funeral

Sculpted from a burnt pine log with a cast iron crow lying pierced through the base of the sculpture.


thought of crows & ravens

thought of crows & ravens photo by Scott Wiggins

































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Carved Crows

"When it comes to crows & ravens, everyone always suspects some hidden intention."